The Rhinos

Rhinocerotidae – Dicerorhinini – Dicerorhinus Sumatrensis (sumatran rhinoceros)

What is so peculiar about the Sumatran Rhino besides its dwindling numbers? Find out through these links.

There are five extant species of what we know as rhinoceros, 2 in africa, 1 in india and 2 still found in Indonesia between them representing 3 distinct prehistoric lineage groups. The Sumatran rhinoceros is the only surviving representative of the most primitive group [of ancient rhinos], the Dicerorhinini, which emerged in the Miocene (about 20 million years ago) [compared with 10 million years of the Indian and Javan rhinoceros, or 5 million years for the Africans].[5] The extinct woolly rhinoceros (Coelodontas Antiquitatis) of northern Europe and Asia was also a member of this tribe.

The most important thing you need to know is how the Sumatran Rhino falls in Love


Go here for news and information from the International Rhino Foundation on the Sumatran Rhinoceros –

Researcher Liz von Mugenthaler of biacoustics lab Animal Voice reports on the songlike vocalisations of the Sumatran Rhino here. vonMUGGENTHALER_SOnglike vocalisations

All my posts on the species itself can be found by clicking category Species Research

rhino butchery_Horn

Poaching is on the increase but mainly in africa. sumaran rhinos are well protected by their habitat numbers and unrelenting efforts of YABI’s RPU.

Concerned about Horn trade, poaching and the black market? theres a category for that too. not yet certain how to link other posts here.

Below enjoy the Rosa Rhino’s friendly ambush SRS 2012.


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