Kirsty Ellem from Artistic Merit has agreed to produce The Rhinocerotidae: Installation

About Artistic Merit

Artistic Merit is the brainchild of Kirsty Ellem. Artistic Merit supports the quality and viability of Australia’s arts through the provision of advice, analysis, strategic planning and marketing for arts organizations, and through producing and artistic direction of projects and festivals.

In 2011 and onwards Artistic Merit is working with a number of artists to get their work to audiences across Australia and the world. Artistic Merit works with high quality artists and their products looking to add to the diversity of choice available to presenters. Artistic Merit works across genres and forms and is keen to work collaboratively with presenters to grow audiences.

About Kirsty Ellem

Kirsty Ellem comes to consulting with significant experience in the arts and government sectors. In venue management, general management in small to medium arts companies, government experience local state and federal levels. In 2002 she became the inaugural manager of the Esso BHP Billiton Wellington Entertainment Centre and was responsible for the development of the strategy, programming and operation that lead to it being considered a leading regional venue. She was awarded an Asialink Arts Management Residency which she undertook in Indonesia in 2002. Kirsty has worked for Arts Victoria, The Monash University Academy of Performing Arts and The Arts Centre amongst others and has been a board member and Chair of Polyglot Theatre, Astra, Gippsland Regional Arts Sale and was a member early in her career of the Albury-Wodonga Arts Council. She is a fellow of the Gippsland Community Leadership Program.



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