Wildlife Biologist turns engineer – Hey, why aren’t we working with him then?

Well maybe because we arent working at all at the moment, and proximity issues…

Kidding, But this is cool.. Source: From buying tech to building it

So this guy is building tools that do exactly what we were hoping to achieve in terms of achieving a live gps feed of rhino movements in the wild to interact with our performances. How good would it be to hook up with him as a creative sponsorship, somehow. More likely to find Danish production interest too to be honest given Australia arts ho hum… Well that would be good if i hadnt got cold feet. and moved to very humble fundraising methods and an ebook in mind as a low budget start.

But I know theres heaps new views and followers of this project and I have been quite silent for a long time recovering from setbacks. So if anyone out there thinks this project needs to fly in one of its more interactive formats please talk to me, comment follow and like.

So anyway – this guys ethos: “I want to see if we can produce and put some game-changing units out there that can work with anti-poaching, instead of running around looking at elephants and counting concentrations of their hormones. They are disappearing in front of our eyes, so they’re going to be gone and scientists will be saying “yes, these animals died out, and here is their hormone profile”. I’d rather say screw the hormone profile and we actually made sure they continued being there.

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