300 to 0 in a dozen years – Dame-Indija de Merz comments (below article) on the grail of rhino horn

When Mozambique just lost a dozen rhinos   aaagh gohhd! ow! 300 to 0 in a dozen years. SO… – Dame-Indija de Merz.  this discussion emerged as it always does about the incentive vs deterrents, alternatives…

indija de Merz: i know its not the conservationists position but seriously prohibition only deters populace not crime syndicates. and youve gotta wonder what would. only more lucrative fiields elsewhere. only the market value.

Stephane Leq
Sickening. I reckon you may be true: or can’t we make synthetic version of it?

Indija De Merz
like synthetic diamonds. (which are at least sparkly, but in this case there is not any efficacy to mimic) and it still makes the Real Thing a prestige product. nobody needs it. its ONLY the exclusivity and/ or the MYTH it is shangrila the elixir of life it is the playstuff of princes or the grail of last resort for the poor sods at their wits end to save a loved one. It is pure hope for them – just mix with water and swallow. the quest is in getting it.
There are indeed fakes – one shelf of 12 or 18 horns had 3 only tested as real. the desperate double-duped. while the haut monde get the single dupe and the truth they create , that the preciousness increases with every delivery. Each horn a head on a silver platter, that the next will fetch more. Imaginie the quixotic thrill of being a player in a blood sport, for a kings ransom, beneath the subterfuge of legal and moral transgression, in pursuit of the mythic medicinal, all adorned in the forbidden bling, its a Dr Who episode, an Arthurian epic, a Chinese Ghost Story. What fake can replace all that authentic scintillation.

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