Beautiful work akin to our vision: After Eden « Janet Laurence

After Eden « Janet Laurence.

Project 13: Janet Laurence: After Eden

16 ⁄ 03 ⁄ 2012 – 19 ⁄ 05 ⁄ 2012

Presenting a new commission for Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation (SCAF), Janet Laurence’s work explores the poetics of space through the creation of works that deal with our experiential and cultural relationship with the natural world.  Her work echoes architecture while retaining organic qualities and a sense of instability and transience. It occupies the liminal zones or meeting places of art, science, imagination and memory. Profoundly aware of the interconnection of all life forms, Laurence often produces work in response to specific sites or environments using a diverse range of materials. Alchemical transformation and history are underlying themes.

In After Eden, Janet continues her exploration of the destruction of the environment with particular emphasis on the plight of animals, whilst simultaneously attempting to address notions of healing and caring. Janet Laurence: After Eden

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