Exposing the Illegal Rhino Horn Trade

Thisi s the context, the market is in SouthEast Asia – although admittedly our rhinos are not targeted with the same ruthlessness as the Africans but that is probably more a matter of time and opportunity. there are simply more animals and easier to target in Africa. We must get this book though before going to ENV in Hanoi.

What Happened to the Portcullis?

Author and investigative journalist Julian Rademeyer has recently launched his book “Killing for Profit’ A terrifying true story of greed, corruption, depravity and ruthless criminal enterprise.

On the black markets of Southeast Asia, rhino horn is worth more than gold, cocaine and heroin. This is the story of a more than two-year-long investigation into a dangerous criminal underworld where merciless syndicates will stop at nothing to attain their prize. It is a tale of greed, folly and corruption, and of an increasingly desperate battle to save  rhinos – which have existed for more than 50 million years – from extinction.

Killing for Profit is a meticulous, devastating and revelatory account of one of the world’s most secretive trades. It exposes poachers, scoundrels, gangsters, conmen, mercenaries, killers, gun-runners,  diplomats, government officials and kingpins behind the slaughter. And it follows the bloody trail from the frontlines of the rhino wars in South Africa, Zimbabwe…

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2 Responses to Exposing the Illegal Rhino Horn Trade

  1. Hi, thanks for promoting the literature…..

  2. indija says:

    Ive got the easier part. Thanks for making it available.

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