Two directions emerge

The Rhinoceros Opera is diversifying. A stunning team is converging around director, Nigel Jamieson taking episode 1 (the menopausal rhino in love) in his inimical style, in a direction of magnitude with breathtaking puppetry. Episode 2 and 3 are reconfiguring under the preliminary direction of the author, to explore interactive media platforms as novel way of incorporating meta data  alongside the poetic vision, and disseminating to an if not wider than more regionally diverse audience. Perhaps we can package it to link with online rhinoceros fundraising mechanisms.  Still examining the e-potentials for output but first step is to develop the pilot as an offbeat documentary cabaret-opera with new media elements inputting data from the field. Ive just applied for an opportunity to get involved in a gaming environment initiative so I will have better ideas about output options after that.

NB Please follow if you are a stakeholder, friend or potential partner, or audience – or just want to keep informed eg a Pozible campaign will be a part of our fundraising. Love to be able to contact you abt that later.  /indija

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One Response to Two directions emerge

  1. indija says:

    Ah well I got accepted for that gaming opportunity which is amazing really, and very timely. SO all these imaginings become possible and doable as I will be networking with exactly those people. Also will be negotiating with HONF house of Natural Fibre – to see if they would come aboard as indonesian media partners. They are a perfect match albeit in Yogya but they seem to be willing to travel, I will contact them tomorrow . Digital changes frightened Freya away but this is good as we are able to go back to the original visual artist and he is much more suited to the new media installation environment. Great superb credentials established working practice iin collab with barton, and dioramas for SassyR to hide in. perfect. I mean the whole ebook or game demographic demands a different aesthetic anyway to some degree. I lagged for about a week but i am pretty sure my aesthetic sens has finally caught up with the rest of the body.

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