Been talking ..

Been talking to many industry peeps about the show with some v positive interest expressed. This precious glimmer of great things only intensifies my quandary of whether I have written a score or conceptualised a production – wondering when to step back from hawking and hustling and get back into writing. Its the nature of the kind of support required to get funding in this country. As I grope for production partners for a libretto which doesn’t even have a full composer quotient yet I am having to prove there is a market for the work I guess, before they will consider seed funding. But what the work becomes depends on the creative team I can pull together, and until things are confirmed that could still be anything from fringe to flagship depending on who’s imagination is most ignited. Well its exciting if also confounding me.. do I put all eggs in this basket or keep moonlighting as a backup. Its a bit like juggling love affairs and rental housing when the deals are not yet settled.

Just thoughts.

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