on my impulse to write this opera

Hi I am Indija Mahjoeddin. I write for performance. I decided my artistic efforts should support something more important than my own careerist interculturalism and the rhinoceros has always been close to my heart. Ever since I laerned about the Sumatran subspecies Dicerorhinus Sumatrensis it seemed obvious the singing rhino should be the diva in her own show. Or at least a contributor to musical exploration of complex vocalisations that mirror the composition for humpback whale. I originally wanted the form to be quirky bizarre avant-garde new opera but now I am thinking – how many people will that reach? Maybe it needs to be more accessible more populist – not Rhino on Ice quite – still edgy but.. cabaret though, rather than say, new circus. As i want it to work for the cause, so it cant be costing enormously to put it on. Its three or four humble sweet and gritty tales bracketed by a fantabulous creation myth and a requiem for all the faceless victims and unborn descendents.

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